Outreach history programme for primary schools launched

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THE Brunei History Centre has launched their inaugural outreach programme for primary schools in the sultanate in a bid to educate students about Brunei’s history.

“Ever since we learned that the History subject was taken out of the syllabus of primary schools last year, we decided that it was imperative on our part to come out and do something about it (to educate the children on Brunei’s history,” said gallery attendant Elbiesaiful Razaimie.

“It is not that it disappeared altogether, but it has been fused with Social Studies. Therefore we felt the students learn less comprehensively about Brunei’s history compared to when they had a lesson on history on its own,” he said in an interview on the sidelines of the programme at Sekolah Rendah Kg Mata-Mata.

The outreach history programme, which started from May 16 and slated to end on June 4, has three main areas to educate the students on Brunei’s history that is less-well known among the youth, said Elbiesaiful. “Among the three things we showcase is a gallery where the students are shown posters of Brunei’s exports before 1929 – before the oil – and national sources of revenue which included steeds such as elephants and horses, livestock and agricultural goods,” he said. “We also have an interactive section where students can (browse) our digital archive if they want to know about the history of our sultans ever since the first Sultan, Muhammad Shah. The third comprises drawings by artists from the History Centre, sourced from our publications about Bruneian legends and myths.”

He said that they previously conducted outreach programmes on middle schools and now they are focused on primary schools starting from Pra to Primary Six with each level given 30 minutes to visit the exhibition.

The Brunei Times