‘Highlight nation’s important features in Exchange Programme’

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EXCHANGE Programmes should highlight the most interesting and important aspects of the country, a participant of the 5th Bilateral Youth Exchange Programme 2016 from the Republic of Korea said yesterday.

Kim Hyung Tae, a student from the Korean National Police University said that the programme has been very interesting and informative but felt there was a missed opportunity to showcase what Brunei truly has to offer.

“Brunei has beautiful nature but I don’t think it was advertised and promoted well enough, we would have loved to have more activities such as visiting jungles.

“I would have (also) loved to visit (more) universities and to try more (Bruneian) food,” said Kim during the sidelines of their visit to the Bebuloh Paddy Plantation,” he added.

He also said that the programme was “compact” but felt like some of the visits were similar with a general focus on vocational schools and government institutions. He added that the programme would have been more enjoyable if it was less compact and focused in providing a variety of unique experiences.

“We don’t have many schools owned by the government that employs people right after graduation and that was new to me. I also liked visiting the fishery and poultry farm.

However, I felt today was an overlap because we have already visited (the Youth Development Centre) on our second day and (the content) felt similar,” said Kim.

Kim also said that an improvement that can be made is to design the briefings during visits to be more relevant and relatable to the audience.

The 5th Bilateral Youth Exchange Programme 2016 is a ten-member delegation, comprising of youth from the Republic of Korea. The programme is aimed to strengthen cooperation, enhance mutual understanding and trust through youth participation.

Throughout their 10-day visit to Brunei, which started on May 10, the delegation has visited various areas, including MCYS, district offices, schools, industrial enterprises, museums and more.

The Brunei Times