Man pleads not guilty to outraging modesty charge

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A TRIAL date was set yesterday for a 55-year-old man who denied the charge of outraging modesty of a woman two years ago.

The defendant Dr Joseph Cheok Van Seng was first brought to Magistrates’ Court on May 3 where pleaded not guilty and claimed trial over the charge using “criminal force” by squeezing the 31-year-old woman’s left buttock at the office of BEDB in Ong Sum Ping some time on February 5, 2014.

Magistrate Hjh Ervy Sufitriana Hj Abd Rahman will be presiding over the trial which is set to commence from October 5 to October 16.

During the proceedings yesterday, Prosecuting officer Siti Nurjauinah Hj Kula indicated that she would be calling seven prosecution witnesses. On the other hand, Dr Cheok, who is represented by defence attorney Cristina Lim, would be calling five witnesses for the defence.

The court yesterday extended Dr Cheok’s court bail pending the start of the trial.

The Brunei Times