Kiudang families get special dates ahead of Ramadhan

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THREE families, with special needs and senior citizen family members in Kg Kiudang, Tutong received their ‘Kurma Kurnia Peribadi’ personally delivered to their homes by members of Kiudang Village Consultative Council yesterday.

This was part of an effort to distribute the ‘kurnia’ in an orderly and systematic manner by the Kiudang Village Consultative Council.

Among the recipients yesterday was a family of special needs individuals.

The family members comprised four special needs siblings - Hj Emran Hj Abdullah, Norhayati Hj Abdullah, Rozilaila Hj Abdullah and Abu Bakar Hj Abdullah.

The siblings lived with their mother, Nauyah Burut and their sister, Norhalizah and her two children. Another sister, who is also a special needs individual, lived separately with her husband.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Hj Emran said the concern shown by the village consultative members showed that special needs individuals are not marginalised in the community.

Hj Emran, together with four of his siblings became wheelchair bound after inheriting a disease that left their lower bodies immobile.

Their mother, Nauyah is a recipient of monthly old age pension of $250, while the siblings each received disability allowance.

Hj Emran said, “My sister, Norhalizah is the one who takes care of us. She supported us and our niece (Norhalizah’s daughter) also helped her mother to take care of us”.

Norhalizah is an unemployed single mother and relies on her siblings to help her put the children through school.

“We rely on each other. I rely on them for financial matters,” said Norhalizah. She is not a recipient of any government assistance and her application so far was unsuccessful. Secretary of Kg Kiudang’s Village Consultative Council, Hj Saifulbahri Hj Umarali said the council members are working together under the village head to make sure that all families will received the dates before the start of ramadhan.

“Our priority is to distribute the dates to families who cannot come to the village head’s house to get the dates due to transportation problems, old age or other issues. For those who are able, they can come and pick up the dates from our village head Hj Muhd Saiful Abdullah Anja’s house,” he said. Kg Kiudang has more than 1,000 residents. Each Muslim in the country, regardless of age or nationality, will receive a 300gm box of dates for the fasting month, as a personal gift from His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. The dates are of the Safawi variety from the Al Madinah Dates Company in Saudi Arabia.

The Brunei Times