Cultural heritage tourism key to attract visitors

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BRUNEI should capitalise on their culture through greater marketing and more showcases, a participant of the 5th Bilateral Youth Exchange Programme 2016 from the Republic of Korea said yesterday.

During the programme, Kim Yu Jin learned that Brunei has a strong culture and rich history but found lack of sources to learn from.

“We want to learn more about the Bruneian culture but we feel that there aren’t many facilities or landmarks regarding its own culture. (Although,) Brunei is a small country in terms of its territory (but) the culture is fascinating so I think it should strengthen (and capitalise) on its culture,” said Kim Yu Jin, who is studying Political Science and International Relations at Korea University.

During their time in Brunei, the Korean delegation visited among others the Malay Technology Museum, Maritime Museum and yesterday the Darul Ifta Islamic Gallery and Exhibition.

“I think the government should consider giving more tour services to people. There is very little public transportation so it was hard to travel as tourists and is something that I believe can be improved,” she added.

Kim also said that Brunei provided a unique experience as this was her first visit to a Muslim country.

“There isn’t much Islamic Culture in Korea and I was quite impressed by (Brunei’s) culture, history and belief in their religion. I feel that Malay countries share a common culture but Brunei interprets it in their own unique way which impresses me and I think we can learn more about Islamic Culture (in Brunei),” said Kim.

She added that before she arrived in Brunei, she was worried of the cultural differences and whether she would be able to adapt but ended up enjoying her stay and would like to promote the country in hopes that more Korean students would come here.

“The thing that really stands out in Brunei is the people. When we first arrive in Brunei at the airport and wherever we go, we were given a really warm welcome. I was really impressed by their generosity and their kindness so I want to spread this positive image of Brunei to Korea,” said Kim.

She added that the programme has provided her great insight for her course as Southeast Asia was an important area in public relations.

The 5th Bilateral Youth Exchange Programme 2016 is a ten-member delegation, comprising of youth from the Republic of Korea. The programme is aimed to strengthen cooperation, enhance mutual understanding and trust through youth participation.

Throughout their 10-day visit to Brunei, which started on May 10th, the delegation has visited various areas, including MCYS, district offices, schools, industrial enterprises, museums and more.

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