Nearby residents welcome new Berakas Health Centre

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VISITORS to the newly-opened Berakas Health Centre yesterday expressed approval of its appointment system and efficiency.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, parents Hajah Rafidah Hj Abdullah and Hj Junaidi Hj Bujang, who brought their four-month-old daughter for a checkup at the centre, said they were “very satisfied” with the service they received. The pair, who received an appointment slot for 3.20pm at the Maternal and Child Health section of the health centre yesterday, said they were seen by a healthcare practitioner promptly at the designated time.

“We were surprised that we were seen at 3.20pm, and that’s a very, very good thing. The process was very smooth and we didn’t have to wait long, compared to when we used to go to the Sungai Hanching Health Clinic, which had a slightly longer waiting time,” Hjh Rafidah said.

Hjh Rafidah added that she hoped that the health centre would keep up the punctual service, further saying that the health centre had a convenient location and was “very comfortable”.

Another mother, Nurul Hajidah Hj Ibrahim, also said she had a pleasant experience on the health centre’s first day of operations yesterday. Nurul Hajidah, who attended an antenatal checkup for her fifth pregnancy yesterday, said that she was seen exactly at 2.30pm, as per her appointment slot.

“It’s really very convenient when you don’t have to spend your time waiting for your turn and wondering when you will be seen by the doctor.

“I hope that the timed appointments continue to run smoothly at this centre (like today),” she said.

Meanwhile, civil servant Sabri said that he was called directly to a triage room in the Primary Health Care services section of the health centre almost immediately after he registered at 2.30pm.

“So I didn’t have to wait till 3pm, which was when my appointment actually was,” he said. Sabri also said that the health centre’s longer opening hours would cater to the working schedules of residents in the catchment area.

“It’s quite good that it’s open until late, and patients can attend an appointment that’s set after office hours,” he said.

However, Sabri said that the pharmacy section could be improved at the health centre, as he spent about an hour waiting for his medicine, and suggested for more parking spaces to be added.

The Berakas Health Centre is open from 7am to 9pm on Monday till Thursday and Saturday, and from 2pm to 9pm on Friday, Sunday and public holidays.

Members of the public can make appointments by calling 2333991, and give feedback about the health centre by calling the Darussalam hotline at 123.

The Brunei Times