MoE wants more teachers to join inclusive education course

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THE Special Unit Education (SEU) under the Ministry of Education is eyeing for more teachers to participate in the “Short Introductory Course in Inclusive Education” to help in the education of special needs student in schools without Special Education Needs Assistance (SENA) teachers.

SEU Acting Head Pg Sarimah Pg Hj Ahmad said in a recent interview that the short-term plan in overcoming the lack of SENA teachers was to have more teachers trained under the short course to equip them with the knowledge and skills to help special needs students.

Based on reports, there were 25 primary and 12 secondary schools without the services of SENA teachers. “We are targeting schools without SENA teachers to attend our Inclusive Education course to help overcome the lack of SENA teachers in these schools,” said Pg Sarimah.

The course which lasts for 12 to 14 weeks was first introduced last year. The programme helps in identifying students with particular learning difficulties, understanding the nature and categories of special needs, and holds discussions on helpful strategies to assist in ensuring active classroom learning experiences for special need students.

Upon completion of the course, participants are appointed as Learning Support Teacher (LST) and are tasked with responsibilities to disseminate and share their knowledge with fellow teachers in their respective schools, said Pg Sarimah.

Pg Sarimah added the SEU have trained “more than enough” LST to support SENA teachers to ensure special need students would get the necessary support and aid in their learning.

In an email interview yesterday, Head of Research and Development at SEU, Lina Mak Yun Fun said that to date there were 50 primary government teachers, 61 secondary government teachers and 172 private school teachers who had completed the course.

Last year, a total of 101 teachers completed the SEU’s short course, comprising 33 and 34 teachers from primary and secondary public schools respectively as well as 34 private school teachers.

At the end of last month, a number of teachers also completed the course held since February this year, she said. These were 17 government primary school teachers, 27 secondary teachers as well as 12 teachers from private institutions who are officially appointed as LST in their respective schools.

The Brunei Times