Man to spend 7 months behind bars for stealing a car

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A PERMANENT Resident was ordered to serve seven months in jail yesterday after he admitted to stealing a car last year.

Mohammad Ibrahim Hj Simat together with two other people went to a house in Kg Mulaut, Sengkurong around past midnight of December 2, 2015 to steal a Volkswagen Polo.

Mohammad Ibrahim used a car key earlier stolen by his friends from the same house.

The 29-year-old drove the car out of the garage to the area where his friends parked.

He then transferred to the passenger seat and let one of his friends drove off with the car.

Around 8.15am the same day, the owner of the car filed a report to the police after she realised that her car was missing from the open garage.

Police investigation led to Mohammad Ibrahim’s arrest and the recovery of the car from a house in Kg Lambak Kanan.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered the defendant to serve the imprisonment sentence with effect from May 14, the date when he was first remanded.

The Brunei Times