80% employment 6 months after graduation eyed

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THE Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) has set two quality objectives to achieve its key performance indicators (KPIs) in supporting the Brunei Technical Education Order 2014, including the target to get 80 per cent of their graduates employed six months after graduation.

The other KPI target is the70 per cent satisfaction rate of employers on IBTE graduates after six months of employment.

These two KPIS were part of the Quality Management System (QMS) which covers the services by IBTE and its campuses as the provider of industry-led technical education and training, said the institute’s Corporate Management Representative and Academic Manager Burham Hj Jais in an interview with The Brunei Times yesrerday.

Burham said that it was IBTE’s aspiration to have 80 per cent of their graduates be employed within six month upon graduating but he acknowledged that the hiring percentage might be slightly lower than target due to various scenarios or conditions such as the status of the national economy.

“It also depends on the availability of jobs out there. Having 80 per cent of the graduates to be employed after graduating is our target, and that is how we will move forward,” he said.

As for the 70 per cent of employers being satisfied with the IBTE recruits, this is also important for IBTE so they can make necessary adjustments especially on how they can instil a culture of performance and attitudes from their students, Burham stressed.

IBTE yesterday announced it has received the international standard ISO 9001:2008 QMS across all its seven campuses.

The Brunei Times