Strengthen faith to live happier lives, Muslims told

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MUSLIMS are encouraged to continue to strengthen their faith by being involved in religious events.

In an interview with the invited speaker during the Ministry of Finance’s Isra’ Mikraj celebration, Muhammad Yussof Hj Abdul Majid said there are Muslims in the sultanate who lack faith as they have distanced themselves from Allah SWT.

“Faith is important because we are alive here by the grace of Allah SWT. If we don’t have faith in Allah SWT, how can we live a happy life?” said the officer from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

He said Muslims can strengthen their faith by praying and being involved in religious activities.

“There is no excuse to say there is no place for us to learn. Almost every night in mosques, there are knowledge and religious talks.”

Muhammad Yussof then advised Muslims to continue to pray and increase their remembrance of Allah SWT.

"Nobody can do this for us; we have to do it ourselves. If we start forgetting Allah SWT, our faith starts to dwindle,” he said.

Muhammad Yussof went on to say that the special talk yesterday, titled Isra’ Mikraj events as a test of faith, was aimed to remind the Muslims on the celebration.

During the celebration, organised by the Department of Supply and State Stores, the Deputy Minister of Finance (Fiscal) Dato Paduka Hj Hisham Hj Mohd Hanifah was present as the guest of honour.

The Brunei Times