S Korean youth awed by Bruneian culture

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YOUTH from the 5th Bilateral Youth Exchange Programme 2016 from South Korea were introduced to several cultural places of interest in the Sultanate in order to learn more of the Bruneian lifestyle.

The head of delegation, Park Jin Young, said that she was impressed by the cultural settings of Brunei and was looking forward to learn more during the course of their stay.

“We went to a Malay wedding with my foster family. It was impressive to see more than 1,000 relatives in a large hall come together for the special occasion. In South Korea, we used to have big families but now we are quite dispersed,” said Park who said that nuclear families are more of the norm in Korea, noting that the ways of communication for the families in Brunei resounded with her the most.

“Bruneian history is something that we would like to learn more about in detail because we have already experienced Brunei’s modern everyday life and culture over the past few days,” she added.

Among the places the delegation visited yesterday included the Tasek Lama Recreational Park, the Malay Technology Museum, the Jerudong Park Playground and Kota Batu where they witnessed a traditional Malay Wedding.

Chief Youth Officer from the Youth and Sports Department was on hand to accompany the 10 youth to the places of interest yesterday with their first stops being the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.

“We want to highlight the cultural heritage that is here in Bandar Seri Begawan, for example, we took the participants on a brisk walk to the Tasek Lama Recreational Park. It is part of our Bruneian lifestyle such as prioritising our health before we start our day as it can be seen that a lot of people come here to jog and have a breath of fresh air,” said Hjh Noor Maslina Hj Sulaiman.

She explained that the Tasek Lama Recreational Park is a good site to show to the youth as it also holds the different kind of green biodiversity that Brunei has.

The youth delegation which comprises youth aged 20 to 25 from different universities are expected to be in the country until May 19.

Brunei and South Korea signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in 2009 for the cultural exchange programme. It is hoped that through the MoU, the youth of the two nations would be able to learn and develop an understanding of each other’s cultural, social economic and political matters.

The Brunei Times