ICT entrepreneurs committed to improving standards

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TODAY marks World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD-2016) with the theme “ICT entrepreneurship for social impact”.

According to the International Telecommunication Union website, ICT entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) all have relevant roles in ensuring economic growth in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

“They are involved in the development of innovative ICT-enabled solutions with a unique potential to make a long- lasting impact on national, regional and global economies and as an important source of new jobs, especially for the youth,” the website said.

Local ICT entrepreneurs shared with The Brunei Times their objectives of making ICT-enabled solutions to make it easier for people to access information in Brunei.

Chief operating officer of local startup Dot Root technologies, Mohd Khairul Anwar Sabir, said that their main objective was to help develop ICT solutions for public and private sector clients.

He said that they provide solutions in developing applications and software of their clients.

“Currently we have catered to solutions within social media circles, learning applications and event management solutions,” the 25-year-old said.

Dot Root Technologies also has a mobile app which is a food ordering application called FoodFuel which originally focused on allowing users to order food from partnered restaurants in Brunei through their smartphones.

By being an agency that gives these solutions to public and private sector agencies, Dot Root Technologies is also a contributing factor improving the local technological infrastructure, said the chief operating officer.

“We are more geared towards a firm belief that if our local technological infrastructure is up to regional standards like in Singapore, that makes us look more attractive for foreign corporations or organisations that will consider entering the local market,” he added although noting that “ICT is still in its infancy in the country.”

“We believe it’ll increase in the coming years especially as ICT is now viewed as a gateway for entrepreneurship,” he said.

Mohd Khairul also said in raising the standard of ICT infastructure in Brunei, companies should move into the direction of improving basic mobile solution requirements as it is seemed less like a necessity for most organisations here.

“(In) Singapore for example, there are apps for everything from taxis to movie bookings, but here we lack a lot of those basic mobile solution requirements.

“So the end goal is to try and raise the standard of ICT infrastructure here to a level deemed appropriate for current times,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aizuddin Fakhri, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Get It Done app, is aiding the community by providing centralised platform where customers and businesses can easily meet and share their services and products.

“Our goal is to help local businesses and individuals to reach a wider audience that will increase their exposure and opportunities,” he said in an e-mail interview recently.

“With this, we hope to make a difference in making a positive impact on the economy and Brunei’s capability and image,” he said, adding that so far, the construction of the app has received a “positive response”.

The CEO and co-founder said that his company was currently building up their vendor community as more businesses and freelancers were registering to their website to place themselves a spot for when the app expected to be ready in July.

He said that local and international businesses could sign up, register and place themselves in the many categories that could be found in the app.

For example, a workshop can register itself under maintenance or servicing and list out their price and services there while a local tourism company can register itself under leisure and services list out the details to their packages there, he said.

Aizuddin added this would make it easier for users to spot the company and contact the company using the app and subsequently requesting for a quotation in real time.

He said that users would be able to compare prices of services and products that companies were offering in the application.

He also said that the app would also help companies promote their job vacancies where users would also be alerted with the announcement of new vacancies.

The Brunei Times