Basketball court renovation project seeks funds

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A CROWDFUNDING project to renovate the basketball court at Beribi Flat in Gadong is under way, with its creator trying to drum up support and contributions to help realise its success.

Social activist Rahmat Jamil said the basketball court has sentimental value to him as he spent most of his youth engaged in outdoor activities, and he hopes that through the project, others will be able to enjoy the same experience.

The former Beribi Flat resident said renovating the basketball court is a way for him to give back to the community.

Rahmat has used the court in the past as a venue for organising several pop-up sale events featuring vendors selling various goods, attracting many people to have a look at the place.

Renovating the basketball court would also encourage the public to take part in physical activities there and provide a proper place for children to play outdoors instead of being indoors glued to their smartphones or tablets.

Rahmat also said that several interested companies have approached him on the renovation project, and while that is encouraging, he still needs more support from the community.

Since the start of the project on May 9, he has taken to social media platforms such as Instagram and hashtagging #reviveberibi to spread the word on his efforts to raise between $500 and $1,000 with a closing date of May 30. Repairs will be carried out soon after.

He said depending on how much he raises, he is hoping to repair the court’s surface by cementing it, repaint the courtyard, replace the backboard and conduct a general cleanup.

Contributors can contact Rahmat through his Whatsapp number at +673 829 6100 for further details on the project.

The Brunei Times