Man receives increased jail time for raping daughters

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A FIFTY-TWO year old Bruneian man charged with multiple rapes of his two daughters and an attempted rape of another daughter received an increased 16-year jail sentence yesterday.

The Court of Appeal gave the judgment, granting the prosecution’s submission that the defendant’s previous sentence was “manifestly inadequate”. This is when taking into consideration the aggravating factors in the case including incestuous rape, gross abuse of trust and position of authority, and the tender ages of the victims when they were raped.

During the proceedings, the court agreed with the prosecution’s submission that after trial, the starting point for this case would have been 25 years’ imprisonment.

However, as the defendant had pleaded guilty, the court had reduced the starting point of 25 years to 16 years.

The defendant had previously received a 14-year sentence when the case was heard at the Intermediate Court in March this year.

The court then ordered that no whippings shall be carried out on the defendant as he is over the age of 50.

The defendant was charged with four counts of rape on Miss X in between 2002 and 2003, when the victim was just 13 years old, and one attempted rape on Miss Y in 2014, who was aged 16 at the time.

He was also charged with two counts of rape on Miss Z in 2015 (when she was aged 16) and two additional counts of rape on Miss X in February 2016.

According to court documents prepared by Deputy Public Prosecutor Hajah Rozaimah Hj Abd Rahman, the rape incidents that took place before 2016 only transpired during the course of police investigations into the last rape incident which involved Miss X.

Miss X’s boyfriend had lodged a police report about Miss X being raped by her father upon being informed of the matter by Miss X’s family member on February 18 this year.

The Brunei Times