CDC moving to RIPAS on June 1

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THE Child Development Centre (CDC) will be moving to Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital in June, with some of its services ready for operation on Monday.

The move will allow special needs patients better access to necessary CDC services and specialties.

In a press conference yesterday at RIPAS Hospital’s Women and Children’s Centre, Dr Hjh Maslina Hj Mohsin, deputy permanent secretary (Professional) at the Ministry of Health (MoH), said CDC will move to the Women and Children’s Centre at RIPAS by June 1, where services under the unit will be delivered under the name Developmental Paediatric Services.

The idea behind the move is to get the most out of their human resources and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of manpower, said Dr Hjh Maslina, adding that it is part of the Health Ministry’s drive in providing added value and excellent services for better outcomes for their clients.

“Every child deserves to be given the best care that we can give them despite their illness and disability,” she said.

She also highlighted that other kinds of therapy and treatment are all available in close proximity at the hospital as opposed to the CDC.

According to an MoH press statement, services that will commence on Monday at RIPAS Hospital include the Community Paediatric Clinic, Occupational Therapy Services, Physiotherapy Services, Dietetic Services and Optometrist Services.

The CDC, comprising three bungalows in Kiarong, was established in 1999 with 6,000 special needs children currently registered at the centre.

With regards to rehabilitation, it was highlighted that all facilities that are available at the CDC will be available at RIPAS Hospital, with a key difference being that there will be more manpower available at the hospital in comparison with the CDC.

“We want to add here that it will be the same people who will be looking after the children regardless of where they are being placed, and in fact, there will be additional people who will be looking after the children,” said Dr Hjh Maslina, adding that the move seeks to reduce waiting time while also enhancing their clients’ experience.

Prior to deciding on the integration of CDC‘s services at RIPAS Hospital, a consultative meeting was held in March with stakeholders with a dialogue session involving the MoH, non-governmental organisations as well as parents of special needs patients where some concerns regarding the move were raised.

Health officials from RIPAS yesterday assured that the relocation remains in the best interest of special needs children and their families.

Dr Hjh Maslina added that special needs children and their families should expect positive outcomes from the integration including improved efficiency, noting that a team of clinicians from the adult rehabilitation centre at RIPAS will be available to assist patients if needed.

Also present at the press conference were RIPAS Hospital Chief Executive Officer Hj Jamal Hj Tersad, Sabri Hj Anuar, Head of Operational Services at MoH, Medical Superintendent from RIPAS Dr Hj Ahmad Yazid Hj Abdul Wahab and other health officials.

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