Mitsubishi uses ‘certified testing methods’

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MITSUBISHI’S testing methods and data had used proper certification procedure for their vehicles approved based on European Union certification standards, said the Japanese automaker recently.

In a statement by Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) and shared by local distributor GHK Motors, the company said it had been re-investigating and re-confirming its testing methods and data for vehicles sold abroad following irregularities uncovered in the Japanese market.

“The issue announced to the public this time are improper conduct on fuel consumption testing data for some Japan domestic models manufactured by MMC and use of different test driving methods required by Japanese law for almost all our Japan sales models.

“We are now making our efforts to further grasp the actual situation and to investigate root causes,” the press statement said.

The statement said while the issues outlined only related to Japan domestic market models, Mitsubishi had been making every possible effort to investigate and reconfirm its testing methods and data for vehicles sold abroad.

“As a result of that reinvestigation and reconfirmation, we hereby confirm our testing methods and data are proper for countries that are outside Europe but which use certification of type approval obtained on the basis of EU certification standards,” said Mitsubishi.

The Brunei Times