Fear of Allah helps Muslims shun evil and transgressions

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IMAMS nationwide reminded the Friday prayers congregation of the need to fear Allah SWT as believers will not only reap great rewards but also inculcate a god-fearing attitude which is very imporant for Muslims.

Several verses from the Quran was shared during yesterday’s khutbah which highlighted the importance of such an attitude such as in Surah Al-Azhab, verse 39 which stated;

“Who delivered the messages of Allah and feared Him, and feared none save Allah. Allah keeps good account.”

Another verse on obtaining great rewards was also shared which was verse 52 of the Surah An-Nuur;

“He who obeys Allah and His messenger, and fears Allah, and keeps duty (unto Him): such indeed are the victorious.”

The imams warned that should the element of fear be missing in the attitudes of the Muslim ummah as seen in not performing prayers, free mixing of the sexes, the exposing of aurat (body parts that should be covered according to Islam) would leave the state of the ummah in a ‘worrying state’.

“All of these are due to the lack of fear of Allah SWT. Since fear of Allah is something that is very important in man’s life, we should inculcate and instil it in ourselves - in our souls and in our feelings,” said the imams.

Outlining several ways to bring about the feeling of fear for Allah, imams said lessons should be taken from the stories narrated in the Quran and hadith (prophetic traditions) of how people in the past incurred the wrath of Allah SWT by defying His orders and received punishments in the world and the hereafter.

There is also the need to realise and envisage the pain of punishment from the Creator in the hereafter, said the imams.

“It is indeed unimaginable just how terrible the torment will be.

Should one feel the fear for Allah SWT, his heart will be moved to doing good and if they are on the brink of transgressions they will immediately realise and repent, explained the imams.

“Know that fear for Allah SWT is a very important attitude for a servant to have in this life. This attitude in fact is a shield that will prevent us from committing sins and transgressions,” they stated.

The Brunei Times