Belait MPKs told to develop products efficiently

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BELAIT's village consultative councils should look into developing a variety of products based off a single but marketable raw material to lower costs and increase profits.

Belait District Officer Hj Haris Othman recently said that trying to produce or source too many different raw materials would drive up costs and limit the ability of MPK's to refine one main ingredient and manufacture it into several products.

As an example, he said an MPK choosing fish as they their main ingredient for the One Village One Product (OVOP) programme should look into developing a wide variety of fish-based products, including dried fish, fish balls, fish crackers and fish seasoning.

“By choosing a single main ingredient, they can have a better, more focused vision. This will allow them to take the products (derived from a single main ingredient) to the next level,” said Hj Haris.

At present, the district officer said that some committees in Belait that have divided their attention into developing too many raw materials, limiting their time and ability to come up with products that can penetrate the mainstream market.

“If the MPK has chosen fish, but is also branching out to textiles and fruit all at the same time they will require a lot of resources to develop them into end products. Unless they have fully maximised development for one material and are now looking out at branching to others, it is best to focus on one main ingredient,” he said.

Hj Haris added that focusing on a single main ingredient would also expedite logistics for processes like Halal certification, logos, nutrition labelling, which are all fundamental requirements for these products to be competitive locally and internationally.

He however understood that for MPKs, aiming to market the products overseas and let alone, to develop them into an industrial level business is something that is challenging, and requiring strong financial backups and planning.

The Belait District Office, he said, is always opening its doors for those who need guidance on how to better proceed with their plans, as the agency had always mentored the MPKs from time to time.

“It should be understood however that, the government will mostly provide assistance to products that are seen to have strong marketing potential and the possibility of it being further developed,”he said.

InsyaAllah, if the MPKs are able to focus on developing a single product, to branch them out with careful planning and strategies, it would then be easier for them to reach that kind of potential,” he added.

The Brunei Times