‘Aromatherapy offers many benefits for students’

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DIFFUSING scented oils in classrooms has produced positive results among students, particularly those with special needs, the principal of DES School said yesterday.

Speaking on the sidelines of a health and wellness talk organised by DES School at the Starlodge Hotel, Bahrein Hj Abu Bakar said his school will keep diffusing aroma essential oils after teachers said their use has produced positive results and improved students’ attitudes toward learning.

Bahrein said DES School has been diffusing essential oils in the school’s classrooms and hallways for the past two months to help students maintain focus during lessons.

“It has proven to be a success, with many teachers claiming that it’s effective, especially with special needs students,” he said.

According to Bahrein, there are currently 118 special needs students registered at DES School, including students with autism, Down’s Syndrome, dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and hearing impairment.

He said up to three special needs students are enrolled in each class so teachers can meet every student’s needs in the classroom.

“Essential oils are part of my family’s regular health and well being routine, and we’ve found it to be very effective,” he said, noting that the idea of using aromatherapy in classes was spurred by his personal experience.

Bahrein said teachers at his school said the aromatherapy has helped students remain calm and to focus and interact better.

“Teachers said a majority of the special needs students have shown positive results. They are more calm, open and creative,” he said, adding that students respond to class activities better.

Singaporean body work therapist Yonie Bonawi said aromatherapy has a wide variety of uses, including to stimulate, calm, strengthen and support our bodies and minds.

Yonie, a certified clinical therapist with 10 years of experience in traditional healthcare, was invited to deliver a talk at the Starlodge Hotel as DES School’s guest speaker.

She started her journey with aromatherapy when her daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder 17 years ago.

Essential oils can be used to help combat anxiety, depression, colds and flu as well as assist with sleeping and calming, said Yonie.

“There are amazing benefits for any psychological or physical issue. When you inhale them, they go straight to your brain and calm you.”

The benefits of lavender oil include reducing anxiety and improving one’s sleep while peppermint oil is used to soothe colds and coughs.

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