Youth can ‘boost Brunei, Korea ties’

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PARTICIPANTS of the 5th Bilateral Youth Exchange Programme 2016 from the Republic of Korea believe there is potential for the youth from both countries to continue to collaborate for the future.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, head of the Korean delegation Jin Young Park said the youth nowadays are more talented, optimistic and active. Therefore, she believes the youth can strengthen relationships and work together for the future.

“The potential would help Brunei and Korea’s cooperation and relationship. I hope it will continue for the future,” said Park, who is also an officer at Korea’s Ministry of Gender, Equality and Family.

She went on to say that Brunei’s youth are well looked after as the youth centres provide a wide range of programmes.

“I was interested in the youth centres in Brunei, especially the youth development centre. (From the visit) I was impressed that it covers the youth’s welfare,” she said.

Kim In Seo, one of the delegates, said he is interested to work with Bruneian youth in the future.

He said the local youth are open-minded and have a positive mindset. Therefore, he believes the youth from both countries will continue to work together to develop both nations.

“I am quite interested in working with the youth here for the future. I believe the youth here have a positive mindset. So I believe Brunei and Korea will have a bright future together,” he said.

Kim said he is aware of Brunei and Korea’s collaboration for the Temburong Bridge. He hopes for more cooperation between the two countries, especially for businesses and companies.

“I believe Korea can help Brunei and Brunei can help us to develop as well. I believe there is a potential for cooperation for the future,” he said.

Kim went on to say that the 10-day visit to Brunei has been beneficial to him as he has learnt and observed the youth centres and sites in the sultanate.

He said he was impressed with Brunei’s non-government organisations (NGO) because of their initiatives to develop the community.

“I was very impressed of the youth. Although they are living in a very prosperous country, they are working together to help the community. I am impressed with their mindset,” he said.

During the foster family assigning ceremony at the Youth Centre, one of the foster parents Syafiq Ali said he will showcase Brunei’s lifestyle and culture to the delegates throughout their two-day stay at his home.

“We are going to bring them to Brunei weddings, eat traditional foods (such as ambuyat) and maybe try out traditional clothing,” he said.

Syafiq said his objective for the delegates is to share the two countries’ culture and lifestyle as it would provide them better understanding of the two countries.

Meanwhile, Hjh Nurul Erne Azlina Hj Zainal, who is also one of the foster parents, said she will be bringing the delegates to parks and give them experience the local food.

She said she will be bringing the delegates to experience Brunei activities as well as sightseeing the country’s nature.

The Acting Deputy Director of Youth and Sports Pg Anak Sofian Pg Anak Hj Ibrahim was present during the ceremony.

The Brunei Times