Radio Thailand eager to promote Brunei

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THAILAND is looking to broadcast stories about Brunei through the radio to help promote better understanding of the sultanate, especially within international communities.

Delegates from Radio Thailand who visited Belait yesterday said this, adding that it is also part of the collaboration agreed upon when the broadcasting memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed about a decade ago.

The Thai delegates were brought by Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB) to the Seria District Office to experience Brunei’s traditional food and handicraft organised by Pertiwi Belait.

Wannachai Jittiwong, reporter and programme producer at Radio Thailand, shared that among the stories to be broadcasted on their channel was a story on the life of a Bruneian married to a Thai for over 20 years.

Jittiwong said the story will feature an in-depth view on the couple’s family life, and how they learnt to live together through their marriage though both came from different cultures.

Besides that, Jittiwong said there are also several stories planned, focusing on the infrastructure and institutional backgrounds of Brunei.

“One of the reasons we wanted to promote Brunei is because the country is one that is still not very much known by our people, and I think understanding the Bruneian culture is important,” he said.

Therefore, stories that will be broadcasted, he explained, hope to allow the Thai people, especially those living in Brunei, to better understand the sultanate's policy-making process and its effort to promote itself.

“Although we are different, maybe in terms of political system, culture and religion, we also share some similarities... This will help us reach mutual understanding with the differences that we have,” he said.

Jittiwong said broadcasting Bruneian stories could also help Brunei strengthen its mark on the international stage.

He also expressed hopes that the cooperation could further strengthen the ties between Brunei and Thailand, with Radio Thailand aiming to find more ways to collaborate with the sultanate.

The Brunei Times