APTK job portal eyes more firms

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THE Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency’s (APTK) online portal that seeks to ease work processes and provide an online platform for jobseekers are still seeing a slow rise in the number of companies registering with the website, said an official recently.

In an interview during the Building and Construction Exhibition (BuildEx) recently at the Indoor Stadium, Assistant Commissioner of Labour Siti Norliyana Hj Mat Salleh said many local private companies in Brunei still need to sign up with the portal.

“We currently have 470 companies registered with us which doesn’t truly represent the true number of companies out there.

“Because of this, the portal doesn’t portray the true picture of jobs available in the sultanate. If you have good companies, people will come, (there is) no need (for us) to further ask people to apply as they will come on their own,” the 27-year-old said, explaining that it would be more attractive with more jobs on offer.

Siti Norliyana said there are currently around 10,000 private companies in Brunei that have the potential to offer jobs to the unemployed.

“So if you compare the numbers, the registered 470 companies is still a very small fraction of the whole number.

“After all the government is providing a free service,” the assistant commissioner of labour said. She went on to say that 6,161 jobseekers – whether unemployed or currently employed – are registered with them.

She also called on the participation of jobseekers by completely following through the online job application process to successfully obtain a career in the private sector and daily paid government jobs – which the website offers.

“There is a misconception among the jobseekers where they would sometimes complain and lose hope in trying to apply with the website as there is a lack of follow through on their part,” she said. “The common case is that they would register, but that would not necessarily mean that they’re set and just have to wait for the job (to come calling). They need to actively seek the job (on the site) and click the ‘apply link’ of jobs on offer which will digitally present the company with their pre-uploaded CV,” she said.

Siti Nurliyana said that from there, only then will jobseekers receive an SMS of a date for an upcoming interview with that company.

The APTK official also called on companies to constantly update the information of jobseekers they took in and those they rejected in order to effectively keep the website updated to present an up-to-date picture of the current job market.

Siti Nurliyana said the website currently facilitates offers from ‘high-paying jobs’ in the private sector including those from the oil and gas companies.

She said there is a misconception of jobseekers believing that jobs on offer are only low-paying which deters them from utilising the website. “Some jobs even offer a monthly salary of $3,000.”

The Brunei Times