UBD dedicated to training leaders

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) is dedicated to training young academics and leaders to become erudite, innovative and self-sustainable individuals through its capacity building schemes.

The university strongly supports the continual professional development of its staff through a network of mentorship and professional training in order to hone and sharpen their academic performance, a press statement from UBD said.

“It is very rewarding to share those high-level knowledge with young people. I like the satisfaction with delivering my work at international conferences and being intellectually inspired by the scientists that I have met,” said Yvonne Soon, a young academic teaching in the Faculty of Science.

UBD also established the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) to provide training in teaching and pedagogy for its staff, particularly young academics.

Apart from holding workshops, the centre also offers programmes in curriculum development, online assessment and e-learning, among others.

Noratikah Hazwani Kharin, who is currently undertaking the Graduate Research Scholarship, receives training as a teaching assistant to seasoned academics as part of the mentorship scheme.

She has assisted on two Bachelor of Business degree modules and one Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM) module – Quantitative Methods.

“This does not only contribute towards my teaching experience, but also my knowledge in the field and in building my character as an academic,” she said.

The university also employs professors who are world-renowned experts in their respective academic fields through the Eminent Visiting Professorship and Visiting Appointment (EVPVA) scheme to boost the quality of research and teaching in UBD.

On May 7, Eminent Visiting Professor Tan Sri Dr Mohd Kamal Hassan delivered a lecture on ‘al-Wasat’iyyah: Nurturing its Holistic Understanding and Practice through Education’.

In the lecture, he brought attention to the current challenges faced by Muslims due to ethnic prejudice and Islamophobia phenomenon worldwide.

With this in mind, he said there is a need to understand the true nature of Islam according to the Quran and the Sunnah.

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