Man involved in thefts at UBD parking lot gets 18 months jail

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THE Magistrates’ Court sentenced a man involved in thefts at the UBD parking lot to serve one year and six months in jail.

During the proceedings yesterday, defendant Muhammad Rejab Hj Ramli, 26, was further imposed a $3,000 fine for charges of driving without a licence and reckless driving.

Rejab had targeted cars parked at the parking lot of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD). He had managed to gain entry into a Kia Coupe on April 12 and stole a number of items. He was later caught red handed on April 24, when the owner of the Honda Brio caught the defendant trying to steal from his car.

Two days later, the police on patrol became involved in a high speed car chase with Rejab after the latter managed to make a getaway when the police were introducing themselves to the defendant after blocking his car.

During the chase with the police, Rejab was driving at a fast speed, driving past red lights and overtaking a few vehicles, drove towards Jalan Chancellor at UBD.

Upon reaching Jalan Chancellor, Rejab stopped his car on a slope, jumped out of the car and ran towards a nearby jungle. The police, in turn, also stopped their car, alighted and gave chase.

The defendant’s car, however started to roll backwards down the slope and collided into a police car.

Following the proceedings yesterday, Rejab was ordered to serve his jail term with effect from date of conviction on April 27. He was further ordered to pay the fines within the three month grace period or serve the in-default sentence of six months in jail after serving sentence for the theft offences.

The Brunei Times