JA Brunei aims to create financially savvy youth

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JUNIOR Achievement Brunei (JA Brunei) is collaborating with the Ministry of Education to provide their programmes to schools in the sultanate which will strengthen financial literacy among youths.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Louis Tan, managing director of JA Brunei, said that with the help of the MoE, the non-governmental organization has provided financial literacy programmes to 18 schools this year.

JA Brunei, according to Louis, is an organization that specifically tackles social and economic issues that contemporary youths are facing such as unemployment.

He added that JA Brunei’s main goals are to teach youths about financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills as well as give them work readiness.

“Hopefully, with more collaboration with the MOE, we hope to maybe provide our programmes to another 10 or 12 schools by the end of this year,” he said.

He added that JA Brunei hopes to provide their programmes to all schools in the sultanate eventually in order for the country’s youth to be able to manage their own economy as well as navigate their way in an increasingly economic world.

“Today’s world runs and revolves around money. It is now a necessity to have some financial knowledge in order to survive and keep up with the world’s economy, which is ever fickle,” he said.

The programmes offered by JA Brunei have specific age demographics, including primary school students, with a programme that teaches students how to earn, spend and save money as well as how to donate money to charity.

“We live in a very fortunate country. But it is essential to teach these students that there are still those who are unfortunate and therefore must be helped through their donations,” he said.

The programme for lower secondary school students is focused on entrepreneurship while the last programme, for upper secondary students and sixth form centres, will require the students to attempt to start their own business.

Each programme runs for six hours, which can be broken into six sessions with one hour per session.

“It ultimately depends on the school, regarding which time it is suitable for us to conduct our programme,” he said.

Louis said that since JA Brunei’s establishment in 2012, it has managed to offer its programmes to 40 schools across the sultanate.

“We hope that the number of schools we have approached will increase every year (and) that the MOE will continue to give us advice on which schools require our financial literacy programmes.”

The Brunei Times