Foreign experts crucial for Numeracy Resource Package

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MORE collaboration with foreign experts are needed to further improve the Special Education Unit’s (SEU) ‘Numeracy Resource Package’ that serves to facilitate the nation’s educators in teaching students with low abilities in Mathematics.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Acting Head of Special Education Unit Pg Sarimah Pg Hj Ahmad said that the Numeracy Resource Package will benefit its users more when put in with inputs and knowledge from abroad.

She said this on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of National Seminar and Workshop on Numeracy 2016 with experts from Singapore as facilitators of the two-day workshop which commenced on Monday.

Pg Sarimah reiterated that with the first-ever collaboration with experts from Singapore, the workshop was ‘fruitful’ as participants were able to exchange ideas and experience with foreign experts, whilst adding new knowledge to improve the nation’s Numeracy package.

“We are hoping we can do it (collaboration with foreign experts) as frequent as possible, to continuously improve the package (from time to time) and its implementation,” said the education officer, whilst adding that the improvements will serve the purpose to further efficiently and effectively help students in the sultanate who struggle with numeracy skills.

Exposure to new ideas as well as strategies in further improving the participants' learning and teaching skills in numeracy are among the highlight of such collaboration with foreign experts, she said.

The Numeracy Resource Package which was adopted in 2015 serves as a complete reference material for Special Education Needs Assistance (SENA) teachers.

It contains a worksheet for evaluation and continuous training including 30 basic mathematical skills.

“It is important for teachers in this country to learn and gain the experience and expertise from abroad in enhancing their teaching skills especially in dealing with special needs children,” she said, adding that Singapore would be a good example to follow as Brunei’s education system follows closely to theirs.

“We know that Singapore has gone up in ranking of PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) and everything else in the Mathematics performance so it was nice for government to government through its Ministry of Education to collaborate and work together,” added Pg Sarimah.

The Brunei Times