SOASCIS moots Islamic ethics elective module

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THE Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Centre for Islamic Studies (SOASCIS) is looking to introduce an Islamic ethics elective module which will cater to students of all fields.

During the 5th SOASCIS International Conference (SICON 5), a lecturer from the faculty, Dr Azmi Hj Mohammad delivered a presentation entitled, ‘The Teaching of Islamic Civilisation: Beyond the Compulsory Modules’, detailing the needs for a module on Islamic Civilisation centering on ethics aimed at both Muslim and non-Muslim students.

In an interview on the sidelines of the conference, Dr Azmi explained that while there is a core module taught at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, it is only a one-time course for undergraduates that leave some students with more questions to be answered.

He said that the elective module would be more discussion-oriented rather than lecture-oriented in which its end-goal would help students easily apply the knowledge gained from the subject to real-life issues.

“There is a lack of appreciation amongst students regarding Islamic ethics. They seem to think that Islam cannot be studied in an academic sense but the fact is that Islam encompasses life as a whole and it can be studied,” he said.

“What we currently have is a broad subject that is taught over the course of 14 weeks. The proposed module would help students learn more about Islamic ethics as they now learn of conventional ethics. This would especially serve to help them in finance and banking, or other fields,” added the lecturer.

Dr Azmi said that the proposed module would probe deeper into not only Islamic ethics but also provide more substantive engagement with the “multi-dimensional intricacies” of Islamic history.

He said that the course would help the students in appreciating Islam more than just as a theological subject.

“The other academics at the conference received the proposed elective well and we have received positive feedback,” he added.

The SICON 5 is expected to come to a close today with two more speakers to deliver talks and for the participating academics to discuss post-SICON 5 initiatives.

The Brunei Times