‘Jobseekers must better sell themselves to employers ’

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JOBSEEKERS need to improve their presentation and communication skills to better market themselves to employers, said the deputy CEO for Marketing of KMAS.

Matet Bucu said in an interview that some jobseekers are unable to properly present themselves to potential employers for a number of reasons such as a lack of self-confidence, not knowing how to write a proper curriculum vitae (CV) and how to handle themselves in an interview.

“Most (work) requires communication. When you know exactly how to communicate, you will be able (to work better with others),” she said.

KMAS is currently conducting a coaching and mentoring programme called the KMAS Centre for Excellence (KCE) Programme to equip jobseekers with the right industry skills as well as connect them to potential employers.

According to Matet, the three-month programme, which started in April, is divided into three stages covering topics such as customer service, cash management strategy, office ethics and business meetings and negotiations. The programme is mentored by both local and international professionals from KMAS.

After the three stages, the participants will be sent for deployment with potential employers. KMAS will also continue to get feedback from participants and their employers after they have begun work.

“We’re not like an employment agency. For us, we mentor and coach the participants and (do follow-ups) even when they get placed in the companies to find out areas that need to be improved,” said Matet.

Matet said banks, restaurants and hotels have expressed interest and have requested to visit some of the participants during their programme.

She added that KMAS is accepting applications for the second intake, which is expected to begin in July.

The programme is free to all participants but will be shortlisted due to limited capacity. Matet, however, said there are plans to increase the limit due to its popularity.

Interested applicants can contact them through their email info@kmasmanagement.com or call 2336530.

The Brunei Times