Belait promotes local products at biggest fair

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BELAIT launched its first ever district-wide fair yesterday which is aimed at promoting local products, especially those under the One Village, One Product (OVOP) initiative.

The Belait Fair is also among the first to be held in collaboration with the grassroots community, with 68 groups of vendors taking part, two of them from the Village Consultative Councils (MPKs) of Kg Mumong and Kg Lorong 3.

Besides food products, the vendors are also selling goods ranging from electrical appliances to fashion products. Another section of booths is dedicated to exhibiting cats, reptiles and rare birds.

A number of activities have also been planned to further enliven the fair, with a bicycle expedition held yesterday and Tamiya racing, a four-wheel drive car show, cooking contest, speedboat race and car show organised by NBT (Brunei) Sdn Bhd scheduled in the coming days.

The fair will be running for about a month and is scheduled to end on June 5.

Hj Sunadi Hj Buntar, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), lauded the event, noting that it can be considered a good platform for the grassroots community to promote their products.

Although only two MPKs were selling their OVOP products at the launch yesterday, Hj Sunadi said more might be participating in the fair soon as these MPKs were focusing on their sale at a similar event in the capital which ended yesterday.

Hj Sunadi acknowledged that promoting local products isn’t easy as many things needed to be considered including how and where the products could be promoted aside from having sufficient financial resources and raw materials.

“Among these would be the packaging of the products together with their presentation and (choice of) ingredients and studying whether they would be able to attract buyers for the products.

“In promotion, we need to collaborate with other parties so that we would be able to penetrate the foreign markets. So we need to have a thorough plan where we take into account how we can improve our products,” he said.

The local vendors, he said, would also have to consider whether their products are unique compared with similar products from other MPKs, as it is also among the factors that could attract more people to buy their goods.

Belait District Officer Hj Haris Othman said local entrepreneurs would also need to make use of existing technology in advertising their products.

There are a variety of channels they can use to promote their products, including social media such as Facebook and Instagram, he said.

“Their approach toward promoting their products is also among the things they need to look at as to better market their products and perhaps penetrate the international market,” he added.

Hj Haris said if these things are taken into consideration and are given proper focus, it would not be impossible that one day, people from neighbouring countries would come to Brunei just to buy the products.

The Brunei Times