Woman in illegal home dentistry case ordered to be further remanded

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A WOMAN was ordered to be further remanded yesterday after the court rejected the defence counsel’s application for her release on bail pending the court’s ruling on the retraction of her plea.

The defendant, Hayimmah Bahri, was accused of practising dentistry by fitting braces onto patients and giving consultation advice to patients whom she managed to find from social media, namely her Facebook page.

On April 23, the 29-year-old pleaded guilty to all 22 charges before Magistrate Azrimah Hj Abdul Rahman and agreed to the Statement of Facts read out to her.

During those proceedings, Deputy Public Prosecutor Didi-Nuraza Latiff objected to bail, considering that the defendant had been convicted and also on the basis of the aggravating factors submitted in the case which warrants a custodial sentence.

However, on May 2, when the defendant was due to be sentenced, Defence Counsel Ahmad Basuni Hj Abbas made an application to retract the guilty plea on the grounds that his client was unprepared for the case.

During the proceedings yesterday before Chief Magistrate Muhammed Faisal PDJLD DSP Hj Kefli, Ahmad Basuni made further application for Hayimmah, who has been in remand for two weeks, to be released on court bail pending Magistrate Azrimah’s ruling on the retraction.

The chief magistrate denied the application since it was Magistrate Azrimah who did not grant the bail.

The court also ordered Hayimmah to be further remanded until the next mention of the case on May 9 before Magistrate Azrimah.

The Brunei Times