Weekly weaving workshop to preserve longhouse tradition

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MENDARAM Besar Longhouse’s Women Bureau in Labi, Belait is planning to organise a weekly weaving workshop this year to equip youth with the skills needed to efficiently produce traditional handicrafts while preserving the longstanding tradition in the longhouse.

Head of Mendaram Besar Longhouse’s Women Bureau and Head of Economic Bureau of Kg Labi II Village Consultative Council (MPK) Hensona Anak Munah said yesterday the plan is still in discussion with relevant parties in the women bureau.

“We want our youth in Labi to continue to make basket weaving, a longstanding tradition in the longhouse,” said Hensona on the sidelines of the One Village One Product Handicrafts and Agricultural Expo and Prisons Departments’ Exhibition at Airport Mall.

Hensona said members of the Women Bureau wanted to introduce to the youth various materials that can be used for the basketry.

The workshop will not only target the youth from Mendaram Besar Longhouse but also youth from two other longhouses in Mukim Labi namely Rampayoh and Teraja, she said.

The workshop, scheduled to be held in three months, will engage trainers who are members of the Mendaram Besar Longhouse’s Women Bureau.

There are currently a total of 21 members in the bureau.

During the workshop, the instructors will introduce participants to the basic designing and hand movement in weaving the baskets, she said.

“We hope the youth in the longhouses in Mukim Labi will participate in the workshop so they can understand better how to weave the baskets.”

With regards to the promotion of the handicrafts and souvenirs made by the women bureau, she said that these village products are displayed in the longhouse’s gallery. So when visitors come, she added, they can purchase the products at the gallery.

The women bureau also actively participates in various exhibitions in the country.

In August last year, the Longhouse, which is under the Kg Labi II MPK for the first time was among the country’s village consultative councils who were selected by the Ministry of Home Affairs to represent Brunei at the ASEAN Regional Expo on One Village One Product/ One Tambon One Product (OVOP/ OTOP) in Bangkok, Thailand.

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