Two-day course to help bee keepers reap the most out of their business

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SIXTY-FIVE local stingless bee keepers yesterday attended a two-day course at the Rimba Horticulture Centre to learn best practices and other important skills pertinent to their trade.

Throughout the Conservation of Stingless Bees course, the participants will learn various topics on bee keeping. The topics include types of plants and trees as a source of the bees’ food, landscape of the plants, fulfilling the bees’ daily needs and basic horticulture.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, the organiser of the course said the participants will be able to further enhance their knowledge and experience in conserving the bees.

Mitasby Hj Mamit said the bee keepers will learn about the resources needed for the bees such as nectar, propolis and pollen.

According to him, good knowledge on the conservation of bees will result in increasing honey resource production, hence being very beneficial for business owners.

“The initiative to preserve and maintain the requirements of bees to increase production quality (will result in) sufficient byproduct to meet market demand,” he said.

He encouraged participants to also share their knowledge to new entrepreneurs.

In a separate interview, the invited speaker from Malaysia Abu Hassan Jalil said that participants will learn on the proper methods of bee keeping.

“Conserving them is important because you conserve them and the vegetation,” said the principal from Malaysia Kelulut Academy.

He said some “honey hunters” do not have the knowledge on conserving the bees as they would destroy the trees that has honey produced inside.

Abu Hassan said the course will teach the participants how to properly keep bees without cutting down trees.

He said conserving is also important as the bee species in the country and honey production is part of the local heritage and national treasure.

In a press release from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the course is an initiative to ensure the success of the local products as there is a demand from the public.

The ministry said the products will continue to be developed under the One Village One Product programme, and more courses will be organised to ensure its success.

Present during the opening of the course, was the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs Hj Mohammad Sunadi Hj Buntar.

The Brunei Times