PMO holds Isra’ Mikraj talk

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SOME 400 government officials attended a religious talk commemorating Isra’ Mikraj at the Banquet Hall, at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) yesterday.

An officer from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Muhammad Yussof Hj Abd Majid, spoke on the importance of taking lessons from Isra’ Mikraj – otherwise known as the night journey – where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) travelled to the “farthest mosque” as well as ascended the seven heavens in one night.

“The ‘night journey’ may be conflicting with common sense, but it is an incident that is extraordinary,” Muhammad Yussof said.

He added that the farthest mosque, Al-Aqsa, was at least 1,600 kilometres away from Masjidil Haram, the Prophet’s starting point.

He went on to say that reflecting upon Isra’ Mikraj can consolidate one’s faith.

“This miraculous journey was made in one night and it was hard for the Quraish (an Arab tribe) at the time to accept this claim. Even more, (for) people of today who heavily base their understanding on technology,” he said.

“Isn’t Allah SWT giving us the ability to breathe right now, (and isn’t) He the source of our rezeki (sustenance)? For Him, the night journey is not an impossible task,” the officer said. 

He also said that Islam is not a religion that “stands upon mystique” but a religion that requires the bearer to embrace the faith with “great consciousness” and “willingness”.

In boosting one’s iman (belief), he urged listeners to strongly reflect over incidents cited in the Quran such as Isra’ Mikraj and other prophetic events.

Present as guest of honour was Deputy Minister at the Prime Ministers Office Dato Paduka Hj Hamdan Hj Abu Bakar.

The event was organised by various departments under the PMO.

The Brunei Times