‘Market your artworks online’

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IT IS necessary to make use of online resources to sell local artworks to expand the networks and businesses of artists, said the chairperson of the Brunei Art Forum yesterday.

Dato Shofry Abdul Ghafor told The Brunei Times that local artists or painters should not focus just on the local market but try to reach out to the rest of the world.

“Brunei has a small market when it comes to selling art. Our population is small and this (translates) to a small market,” said Dato Shofry.

“I fully understand the difficulty in making art for a living (as art is not a necessity) but now the market is not just limited to Brunei, it is worldwide,” he said.

“Many people are selling their artworks online. Artists or painters should not focus just on the local market... Art has the potential to be a huge market.

“I have no doubt we have many talented people who have a passion for art. It is just a matter of pushing themselves further and taking the opportunity that is available everywhere,” said Dato Shofry.

“It is the same all over the world. In Brunei, the proportion of people who are into arts is not much but some of them see artworks as an investment and it is should be that way because art can be an alternative way to earn money,” said the chairperson.

Siti Nur Aishah Ismail, who sells her artworks through the Strokes_Bn Instagram account, said selling her paintings online is profitable but it depends on the number of requests.

Selling art online is a bit complex considering the fact that the outcome might be different compared to what the customers have in mind, she said.

“When people sell readymade products, it is very unlikely that their customers will be disappointed with the product,” she said, adding that she found it difficult to attract customers in the sultanate.

“I feel like we (Bruneians) are just starting to accept and appreciate art more compared to previous years,” she said.

Khairul Ibrahim, a resident artist who worked at Creative Space Studio & Gellary in Kg Sengkurong, said that selling artworks online could help local artists expand both their experience and business.

Khairul has, however, never sold his artworks online. He prefers the traditional way of selling artworks through a gallery

He said the problem lies with valuing certain pieces of artwork.

“People don’t see the value of the content that we create. What’s the story behind the canvas, the model, time used and the effort involved in creating art. Those are the things that professional collectors or buyers are paying for,” said Khairul

“Many Bruneians have a mindset that painting is an easy thing to do and this causes people to under-appreciate the value of arts,” he said.

The Brunei Times