Military exercise moves to Singapore

National 0 minutes, 45 seconds


MILITARIES from countries participating in the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM) Plus Maritime Security and Counter-Terrorism Exercise are en route to Singapore for the second leg of the multilateral exercise after departing from Brunei on Thursday.

While en route, the participating countries continued conducting their joint drills by inspecting vessels suspected of carrying illegal goods in a move known as maritime security visit, board, search and seizure.

Brunei’s Ministry of Defence said participants of the joint drill also carried out cross deck landing practices involving the transfer of personnel from one vessel to another and landing an aircraft from one vessel to another.

Meanwhile, the exercise steering committee reconvened for a meeting chaired by the co-exercise directors of the ADMM Plus Maritime Security and Counter-Terrorism Exercise at Changi Naval Base.

The ongoing exercise aims to promote maritime cooperation in information sharing among ADMM Plus countries.

The Brunei Times