3 Bruneians to get a chance to study in South Korea

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THE South Korean government is offering the chance for three Bruneians to earn a scholarship for a post-graduate education at a South Korean university.

Under the scholarship, students will get the opportunity to enrol into a master’s programme for ASEAN specialists on saemaul community development at the Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul, Yeungnam University.

The saemaul community development refers to the community movement launched in 1970 to modernise the rural economy in South Korea.

Funded by the ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund, the scholarship programme is to further educate ASEAN youth and share the methods of the saemaul movement so that they may be able to play a pivotal role in developing their own communities.

The programme will last for one and a half years, spread across four semesters, with the last semester being spent in their home country to prepare for their thesis.

The scholarship will cover application, admission and tuition fees, return air ticket and monthly living allowance for a year.

The scholarship programme is eligible for citizens of ASEAN member countries, who have obtained a bachelor’s degree equivalent to a four-year Korean bachelor’s degree from outside of South Korea, are highly proficient in English and are in good mental and physical health to complete the programme.

The scholarship does not extend to those with existing infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. Pregnant women are also exempted from applying.

Application forms and further information on other requirements can be obtained through the university’s website http://www.yu.ac.kr as well as the website of the South Korean embassy _http://brn.mofa.go.kr._

The deadline for submission is on May 27, 2016. - Darren Chin

The Brunei Times