‘Do not ignore religious practices’

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THE sultanate cannot ignore the importance of religious practices if it is to become a Zikir Nation, said the deputy acting state mufti during a special lecture for the Isra’ Mikraj celebration yesterday at the International Convention Centre (ICC).

Dr Hj Mazanan Hj Yusof, in his lecture, said that negligence in performing prayers among Brunei’s youth may result in the country losing religious leaders in the future.

He said Islamic knowledge and values must be instilled at an early age so that Brunei’s youth would grow up according to Islamic teachings.

“If the religious values and teachings were instilled earlier, be confident that one day the children will grow up to become pious adolescents and adults,” he said.

“When these young people follow and practise the Islamic teachings, be confident that one day he or she will build a religious family and that he or she can be a leader for his family, as well as Muslim community.

“The nation will be blessed and successful if it has pious leaders (for the) community,” he said.

Religious practices such as performing prayers, he said, are not only beneficial to the individual, his family and the community.

“It will benefit the country too because pious communities can help the country (achieve its objectives of becoming a) Zikir Nation... (to be a) peaceful, safe and stable country,” he said.

He went on to say that Bruneians should develop a habit of saving and avoid spending irresponsibly, in light of the current economy, as taught in the religion.

“People should practice the saving attitude as what is suggested in Islam... InsyaAllah, as long as we follow the teachings of Islam and firmly believe, with the help of Allah SWT, such efforts will not make this country fall and fail,” said the acting deputy state mufti.

The Brunei Times