Miscommunication on proposed filling station cause of delay

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THE Land Department denied the allegations made by Koperasi Rimba Berhad (KRB) of the delays in providing an access road to the proposed site of Kg Rimba filling station.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, representatives from the Land Department said that they are not to be blamed as the department is only the coordinator for application of the access road, and they are not ‘the deciding factor’.

Whether or not applicants will be granted an approval for their applications is decided collectively by the department with other relevant government agencies such as the Public Works Department (JKR) and Town and Country Planning (TCP), they said.

“Each department has its own requirement that applicants must meet.”

“If one department says no, then the application for road access will not be considered and it is always up to the applicant to come up with a new proposal,” they added. They went on to say that the so-called delay from government agencies as claimed by KRB is in fact comes from KRB itself as they haven't been complying with the requirements as suggested by the Land Department. “We are quite clear, telling them what we want and they need to satisfy our requirements and come back to us.”

According to the officers, the main issue regarding KRB’s proposed access road to the filling station involves considerations of heavy traffic on the Tungku Link highway and the safety of its road users as outlined by the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) in its letter dated in March 2013.

Though the RBPF rejected the proposed road, the enforcement agency also gave four alternative routes for KRB.

The Land Department delivered this information to KRB for them to consider and come up with a new proposal for the access road.

“We are actually the ones who have been waiting for them to come up with their new proposal. But they never did.”

The officers also said that KRB even failed to show up when the department requested a meeting to discuss about their application on February last year.

This led to the latest reply from the department in March 2015 saying the KRB’s application for the proposed access road is rejected unless KRB comes up with a different route or seeks an alternative from JKR in which the Land Department will facilitate the application and distribute it to the relevant agencies again.

The previous article also quoted KRB’s analogy that the unapproved access road to their land was like them paying and being charged for a hotel room that they still did not have access into.

In response to that, the department’s officer said, in such situation, “the logical thing for you to do is go back to the receptionist and ask why you could not get into the room.

“If (only) they come back to us, we would have told them this is what they need to do and so on but they didn’t. It’s a simple, clear cut situation.

“If they just comply with whatever we need, they will be granted the access road within a few months like many others (applicants),” added the department’s representatives.

The Brunei Times