Think of your children’s upbringing before deciding on divorce

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THE upbringing of children should be a key consideration for married couples contemplating divorce as insufficient parental attention increases the likelihood of children getting into social problems, a university official said.

Speaking at Belait’s national family day, Dean of Student Affairs at Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) Ustaz Dr Hj Noralizam Hj Aliakhbar said divorce should only be treated as a last resort because of the negative ramifications it can have on all the parties involved.

The divorce rate has been rising in Brunei. The country recorded 524 cases in 2015 against 259 in 2014.

“Children raised in a divorce may become socially problematic as they did not get sufficient love and attention from their parents; that though one parent remarries, it will still not be the same to them without the presence of their real mothers or fathers,” he said.

Ustaz Dr Hj Noralizam said divorced individuals may also be suffering from depression, negatively impacting their health and preventing them from raising their children to the best of their ability.

“This is especially the case if they really did not want to have that divorce, but was forced to do so,” he added.

Ustaz Dr Hj Noralizam said most common grounds for divorce include wives disobeying the husband, husbands failing to provide or look after his family’s welfare and complexities surrounding husbands seeking marriage with another woman, but his wife disapproves.

In searching for reconciliation, he added that couples should seek introspection into why they agreed to marry and if the marriage followed the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

“And married couples should always communicate with one another, and to talk about their thoughts on one another, should there be a problem and work on the solution together,” he said.

“Do be reminded that, even though a divorce is something that is permissible in Islam, it still an act that is very much disliked by Allah SWT.”

The Brunei Times