Speeding top traffic offence recorded in Jan-Mar 2016

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NO SPEEDING offence was recorded in the month of February among a total of 510 speeding cases that were recorded from January to March, according to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF).

A total of 2,556 traffic offences were recorded from January until March this year with a total of 974 cases recorded in March, 679 in February and 903 in January.

The overall top five offences within the three months are speeding with 510 cases, expired road tax with 311 cases, failure to display road tax on the left side of the windshield with 230 cases, illegal parking with 234 cases and licence plate not according to set standard with 161 cases.

According to statistics provided by RBPF, speeding was the top offence for both March and January with 313 cases and 197 cases, respectively. However, the top offence in February was expired road tax with 102 cases.

A total of 215 traffic control operations were conducted within the three months with 70 in January, 60 in February and 85 in March.

The Brunei Times