Infrastructure boost needed to lure aviation firms to Brunei

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BRUNEI’S aviation and transport infrastructure needs to be developed to attract foreign aviation companies to invest in the country.

This was said by Sunny Mirchandani, general manager of HAECO Spirit Aerosystems, one of the foremost aircraft repair and overhaul facilities in China.

In an interview with foreign media at the company’s facility in Jinjiang, he said that at present Brunei, like many other ASEAN countries, has problems in terms of infrastructure, which limits the number of large aircraft coming into the country.

This results in the aviation sector getting only a few customers, he said, adding that it is also a problem for the transport of aircraft parts for any aircraft repair company that may invest in Brunei.

“If the number of large aircraft coming into the country is limited, how can you transport the aircraft parts? Until the environment for the aviation industry in Brunei picks up, transportation will be the biggest cost in terms of parts,” he said.

Sunny also cited the high standard of living in Brunei that can hinder the entry of aviation companies.

He said property in Brunei is expensive for aviation and aviation repair companies that require large tracts of land.

Sunny said that he has assessed the feasibility of entering the Brunei market, but due to the limited number of aircraft, his company will not be sustainable as it needs multiple “anchored” customers.

“I have the same problem with Thailand because the only customer there is Thai Airways. Meanwhile here in China, I have around 10 anchored customers,” he said. 

“For this type of company to survive, anchored customers are necessary which is not guaranteed if we were to enter Brunei,” added Sunny.

The Brunei Times