Weekend vendors seek permanent place to sell their goods

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WEEKEND vendors in Belait who regularly sell their produce and wares at the Pasarneka Kuala Belait and Seria wet market are calling for a permanent place to be built.

According to the vendors, having a permanent place, similar to the Tamu Serambangun in Tutong, can help them better run their business.

All of the vendors interviewed by The Brunei Times said this will also help protect them and their wares against weather, adding that heavy rainfalls usually damage their tents and high temperature cause their goods to become stale faster.

At the moment, most of the weekend vendors set up their own tents each time they sell in Seria on Fridays, and at Pasarneka Kuala Belait on Saturdays and Sundays.

One of the vendors, Hj Asahwi Hj Serbini, said that the permanent place does not necessarily have to be located at the existing Pasarneka and Seria wet market, as it could also be built at a new location deemed suitable by the relevant authorities.

The structure, he said, need not be too expensive as a roof supported by pillars similar to Tamu Serambangun is sufficient to shelter them from the weather.

Another vendor who only wished to be known as Jason, seconded the suggestion adding that weekend vendors need not worry about their tents getting blown off or damaged during heavy downpours.

Echoing Hj Asahwi’s observations, Jason said that there were several incidents where vendors’ tents had been blown off by strong winds in the past.

Though some vendors had learned their lessons and tried to adapt with the situation, he said that it will still be better to have a permanent structure.

Another vendor, who wished to remain anonymous, said that senior citizens like himself would have a heavy load literally lifted off their shoulders, as they would not need to carry their tents ecery weekend if a permanent place were built for them.

“Then we would only need to bring our goods to be sold,” he said.

The Brunei Times