Two UBD students to learn Indonesian culture

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TWO recipients of the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship are scheduled to fly out to Indonesia next week.

The two Bruneian students from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) will take part in the scholarship programme which will run for three months from May 8 to August 21 this year.

Mohammad Qawi and Nurhasanah Hj Salleh are scheduled to depart to Indonesia early next week, said an official from the country’s embassy here yesterday.

“The two students were chosen by the scholarship’s organising committee in Jakarta on basis of their motivation and strong interests in learning Indonesian arts and culture,” said Katherine Kusuma, the embassy’s second secretary.

Katherine said that Mohammad Qawi has been selected to participate in the scholarship’s special programme, which will take place in the learning centre in one of universities in Yogyakarta, Central Java for three months.

Together with other awardees, he will live within or around the learning centre/university to experience the local heritage and interact with the local community. Under the theme of “Thousand Island made in Heaven” this special programme will provide the recipients knowledge about Indonesia in term of politics, economics, socio-culture and Bahasa Indonesia.

The awardees will visit several government and non-government institutions as well as renowned tourist destinations.

Meanwhile, Nurhasanah, will learn about Indonesian arts and culture in general. Under this non-degree arts and culture scholarship, which is under the category of regular programme, the scholarship recipients will be divided and assigned by the organising committee to different arts centres for the duration of three months. But prior to that, they will have to attend a one-week orientation programme in Jakarta. The programme aims to cultivate a culture of cooperation, emerging from direct contact and sharing of cultures among people involved in the programme, leading to thriving diplomatic relations in the region and worldwide.

The Brunei Times