Force integration, interoperability expected to be developed during exercise

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FORCE integration and interoperability are the key aspects expected to be developed during the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus Maritime Security and Counter Terrorism (ADMM-Plus MS & CT) Exercise today.

Captain Hj Yusuf Hj Masron RBN, the Commander of the Maritime Security Task Force, told reporters yesterday that due to the multi-national set up of the exercise, interoperability between the countries has to be addressed.

“Warships from different countries have different fittings that may have different communications system and we all talk in different languages therefore, we have to make sure that we are interoperable (with each other),” he said.

He said that every country has sent a representative that will act as liaison officer and will operate at the Multi National Coordination Centre (MNCC) at the Muara Naval Base to ensure that integration between the countries takes place efficiently.

Captain Hj Yusuf added that the exercise will also aim to optimise the best assets, adding that each country may have unique assets that are suitable for unique situations.

“New Zealand has sent two maritime patrol aircrafts and one of the scenarios (in the exercise) involve conducting a search and rescue therefore the New Zealand assets are well fitted for these kinds of situation,” he said.

He said that the militaries from all countries under the ADMM-Plus were transparent in sharing the information of what assets they can contribute, therefore allowing the exercise to assess the capabilities of each country and make use of the best assets suitable for a certain situation.

The commander went on to say that common operating procedures are also important in multinational set ups such as the ADMM-Plus MS & CT exercise, adding that the common procedures are already in place however needs constant refining.

“This is part of our job (Brunei, as the co-host of the exercise) with our partner, New Zealand which is to review these procedures as well operate a multinational force,” he said.

Captain Hj Yusuf said that the main goal of the exercise is to build confidence among countries participating in the exercise by being transparent of each military’s capabilities.

“We are here to build relations and to address interoperability (so) that we can work together efficiently when there are maritime crisis and terrorism threats,” he added.

The Brunei Times