‘ADMM drill aimed to fight rising number of piracy’

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THE ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus Maritime Security and Counter Terrorism (ADMM-Plus MS & CT) Exercise is aimed to combat the rising number of piracy that occurs in the waters between Brunei Darussalam and Singapore.

This was said by Captain Hj Yusuf Hj Masron RBN, the Commander of the Maritime Security Task Force in an interview with local media at the Multi National Coordination Centre at the Muara Naval Base yesterday.

He said that there has been growing concern regarding the maritime security on the waters between Singapore and Brunei, which has Sea Lines of Communications (SLOC).

SLOC are key maritime passageways that facilitate the transportation of key maritime trades such as crude oil as well as facilitate heavy shipping traffic.

Captain Hj Yusuf explained that for the ADMM-Plus MS and CT Exercise, it will be divided into two parts which is facilitated by the countries that are co-hosting the exercise, namely Brunei and Singapore.

He added that the first part of the exercise which will commence in Brunei will focus on maritime security with the help of Brunei’s partner, New Zealand.

Singapore on the other hand will facilitate exercises that will focus on counterterrorism with their partner, Australia. “All 18 countries (from the ADMM-Plus) have contributed their assets and pledged to work together to ensure that the SLOCs (within the region) are safe,” he said.

He added that due to rise of piracy on the SLOC, the exercise will ensure its safety as the presence of the naval ships on the waters will strike fear to pirates in the region.

“Our job is to make sure that the SLOC is safe enough so that nothing can disrupt the maritime economic routes that affect our countries because these routes connect businesses of many of our countries,” he said.

He went on to say that the scenario in the maritime security portion of the exercise will include pirates that are attempting to smuggle arms as well as people.

“The exercises are scheduled and very controlled because we want to conduct the exercise safely,” said Captain Hj Yusuf.

He added that should the naval ships encounter real life pirates or if a real life maritime crisis were to happen during the exercise, there are procedures that will allow the exercise to be stopped until the real life situation is taken care of.

The Brunei Times