‘Do more to promote Family Day’

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SEVERAL of the families that flocked Tungku Beach on Family Day yesterday urged government agencies to do more promotions towards the further strengthening of the family institution. 

In an interview, a father who wanted to be known as Yassin, said that it was a shame that the Tungku Beach had to close to the public. “I would take my kids out every weekend, with this beach being among our occasional visiting places,” said Yassin. “I see so many families here whenever I come by on the weekends, it is a shame that they have to close it,” he added, acknowledging that the beach is privately owned by Brunei Investment Agency.

Although he lauded the government’s initiative in trying to promote the family institution through talks with the State Mufti, he thought that this would not be inclusive enough in a more multi cultural society we are living in today.

“Perhaps we can also have a speaker touching listeners on a more multi-cultural level, as the Bruneian society that we are living in today is much more diverse and we want to include everyone when strengthening the family institution,” he said.

In another interview, Indonesian national, 43-year-old Sumarlan told The Brunei Times that the government should also focus on bringing the extended family institution back to Brunei.

“It was very regular for my sister, brother, aunty or uncle to visit my family and vice versa. We would also financially assist each other every now and then, for example, family members outside of my immediate family would save a portion of their income to give to my brother’s family so he had a bit of extra (money) to spend for his family,” he said, adding that every month it would be another family’s turn to receive donations from family members.

While also echoing Sumarlan’s remarks on the importance of extended families, 57-year-old Pg Idris Pg Umar, who sells beverages at Tungku Beach, said that the government should create more awareness of Family Day.

Meanwhile, nearly 1,000 families attended the final day of Karnival Kembara Islam held at Dewan Muhibbah at the old Airport organised by Battle Pro.

The most attractive activity was horseback riding where the first 150 families would get free horse rides only if they came with their family. Free bouncers were also set up as another activity for families members to strengthen relations.

The Brunei Times