‘Aid can help open doors to success’

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AN ASNAF zakat (tithe) recipient improved her life by utilising part of the assistance and is encouraging others to do the same.

Nur Haziah Abd Rahman, who received zakat from 2009-2014 from the Brunei Islamic Religious Council under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, took the initiative to launch a business and managed to get her name taken off the recipients list.

“Don’t just rely on assistance given to us. If possible, use a portion of the financial assistance given to start a business. It doesn’t matter what kind of business it is. As long as we do it wholeheartedly, InsyaAllah, it will work,” she said.

Nur Haziah and her husband Mohd Hazim Abd Rahim started their duck farm in September last year and created their salted egg home-based business to supplement their income from sales of her handicrafts.

The 34-year-old seized the opportunity when she saw how high the demand for salted duck eggs was.

“We received $5,000 in zakat money ($1,000 for each family member) for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri last year. We decided to use that money as capital to kickstart our duck farm. We used it to buy our ducks, purchase material for the cages and feed,” she said.

Her husband is responsible for running the farm.

“In total, we spent around $20,000 for our duck farm. We now have 500 ducks that give us 200-250 eggs every day. We process most of the eggs to make salted eggs and the rest we sell as is.

“However, for the first six months, we were running on losses because we had to wait for the ducks to mature (so they would start producing eggs). We’ve yet to receive our return on investment, but we’ve gone through the hard part. Now we have customers coming to the house to buy the eggs,” said the mother of three.

She also sells the eggs at Aneka Market in Bangar Town.

The eggs are sold according to their grades, which are categorised according to their sizes. They range from the biggest size, grade A, to the smallest, grade C. Grade A eggs are sold for $13 for 30 pieces. Grade B eggs are sold for $12 for 30 pieces and grade C eggs are sold for $11 for 30 pieces.

“There have always been challenges. We didn’t know anything about duck farming then, but we tried our best by reading books as well as doing online research. We started with 12 ducks. With those 12 ducks, we learned about their behaviour and feeding patterns,” she said.

Nur Haziah said the demand for their salted eggs was beyond their supply.

InsyaAllah, we plan to increase the number of our ducks, and hopefully we will be able to strengthen our hold in the Temburong market and break into markets outside of Temburong,” she said.

The Brunei Times