Overloading vehicles top offence list

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OVERLOADING of vehicles topped the list of compound traffic offences, with 81 out of 200 compound notices issued to trucks during the first three months of 2016.

Land Transport Department (JPD) Director Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi told The Brunei Times that 144 were apprehended and 200 compound notices were issued for various traffic offences during roadblocks and joint operations with the Royal Brunei Police Force this year.

A total of 542 vehicles were inspected during the traffic operations.

Dr Hj Supry said about 2,000 compound notices were issued on average each year as a result of roadblocks and rounds over the last three years.

About 46 per cent or 920 of the 2,000 offences were for overloading, where vehicles carried loads that exceed the allowed weight of their vehicles.

The director also said his department’s Enforcement Section has introduced new initiatives to issue notices of summons following public complaints to the Darussalam 123 hotline and WhatsApp messages.

The department received 68 complaints on traffic offences through WhatsApp from January to March.

“Twenty-nine per cent were about vehicle modifications, 34 per cent were vehicles in bad conditions including six emitting thick fumes, 23 per cent were traffic offences by drivers and 14 per cent of vehicles carrying loads in a dangerous manner,” he said.

Dr Hj Supry went on to say that 171 public complaints on road users were logged at the 123 hotline last year.

He said 84 per cent of the complaints were offences committed by the driver, such as speeding, failure to stop at a red light and making illegal u-turns.

Meanwhile, 103 public complaints were sent through WhatsApp messages throughout 2015.

The director said 70 per cent or 72 complaints were offences committed by the driver for failing to stop at a red light, making illegal u-turns and using a mobile phone while driving.

LTD enforcement officers have summoned the owners or drivers of the vehicles for appropriate actions following joint roadblocks and public complaints through the 123 hotline and WhatsApp, he said.

Dr Hj Supry said actions taken include having to re-sit the Highway Code tests, attend briefings and re-inspection of vehicles.

Warnings were issued to the owners or drivers of vehicles summoned, where they have to present themselves to the department and pay the compound fines within the specified period.

“The LTD wishes to take the opportunity to remind errant drivers or registered owners of (summoned) vehicles to present themselves to the department, and those who have not paid the compound fines are strongly advised to do so,” he continued.

Dr Hj Supry added failure to do so will lead to the vehicle being blacklisted in the LTD system.

“The licensing officer has the prerogative to refuse the renewal of driving and vehicle licences (of blacklisted persons or vehicles)... In the event of a blacklisted person failing to settle the compound fines, his case will be presented to the court for further action,” he said.

The public can voice complaints on road users via WhatsApp at 7292017.

The Brunei Times