Man jailed for molesting daughter

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A LOCAL man was yesterday sentenced to three years and six months in prison after admitting to molesting his daughter.

Intermediate Court Judge Pg Hjh Hanani Pg Hj Metussain also sentenced the 41-year-old man to three strokes of the cane.

The court decided not to enhance the sentence on the grounds that the defendant’s action was an opportunistic one, and while he did grope his daughter, he didn’t further pursue the action after she woke up.

The court also noted the unfortunate sleeping arrangement of the household where the defendant should have been sleeping in bed with his wife.

“What you did was reprehensible. You succumbed to your own desires,” said the court.

The court document filed by prosecuting officer Ali Amani Nokman stated that the 13-year-old victim, Miss X, shares a room with her parents and siblings. The mother shares a bed with one of the siblings while the victim and another sibling sleep on mattresses on the floor together with the defendant, the father.

It went on to state that it was through this sleeping arrangement during the night that the defendant had groped his daughter on two separate occasions in April this year and once in 2014 when he touched her private parts.

On April 4, after feeling upset over the incident, Miss X decided to report the matter to one of the teachers at her school. On April 6, the teacher brought Miss X to the Women and Children Abuse Investigation Unit to file a report against the father.

The defendant was subsequently arrested on the same day.

The Brunei Times