Foreigners caught working illegally

National 1 minute, 9 seconds


FOUR foreign nationals were arrested yesterday for working as door-to-door carpet salesmen in Kampong Ayer without valid permits.

The incident occurred during an operation conducted by the Labour Enforcement Division of the Department of Labour to enforce regulations pertaining to the employment of foreign nationals in Brunei. In a statement, the department said four enforcement officers were involved in Operasi Gempur 47/2016 which targeted the area around the capital.

The foreign nationals’ activities were not in accordance with their occupations stated in their Employment of Foreign Workers Licenses issued by the department which said they were to work as tailors and business managers.

The department will now take the necessary actions including deporting the offenders to their country of origin and cancelling or reducing the foreign workers quota of the employer who held the Employment of Foreign Workers Licenses.

The department is reminding the public and all employers that anyone found guilty of abusing the Employment of Foreign Workers License can be punished under Chapter 112 (1) of Employment Order 2009 with a fine of not less than $6,000 and not more than $10,000 or imprisonment of not less than six months and not more than three years or both.

Anyone with information on suspected labour-related offences and irregularities is advised to contact the Labour Enforcement Division at its hotline 2381848 to assist in ensuring that work permits for foreign workers are not abused.

The Brunei Times